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13 February 1989
This journal is basically a place for me to put all my rants (so my friends don't have to put up with them XD), as well as geek out about stuff that my friends don't want to hear about. That's mainly HIMYM, since I can't get any of them to watch it with me. Le sigh. I also post strange ficlets that pop out of my brain every once in a while. Since my life is so boring, I'll probably mostly be writing about stuff in pop culture, and not so much things in my life. But I'm a pop culture junkie, so that's okay with me.

Okay, a bit more about me: I'm the oldest of five kids, so there's always TONS of pressure for me to be perfect. Everyone (even my parents) just tell me I'm hardest on myself though, so I guess the pressure's just coming from me. I'm a junior in college, double majoring in creative writing and cinema so I can have an awesome career in screenwriting/TV writing! ...Yeah! Umm... I try my hardest not to be a blind fangirl, since I like to keep an open mind about even things I like so I can criticize and analyze things fairly. But then again, I'm kind of a romantic, so certain things on certain shows will always make me squeal in delight.

Because some awesome people out there think I'm a good fic writer:

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